The Rum Bucket Bowling League

Join the Rum Bucket Bowling League

If you’re looking for a fun night out with friends (league bowls every other week) while enjoying the included food and beverages, then this league will provide the golden ticket to fun!
?8 games of team bowling each session (about 2 hours/about 2 games each bowler)
?32 oz Rum Bucket or alternative beverage each session/each bowler
??A large pizza and platter of wings included for each team each session
Four Bowlers per team. Starts October 7th at 6:30pm
League bowls 9 sessions (1 warm up session followed by 8 league sessions-league bowls every other week)
All this plus more…
For ONLY $20 per bowler/$80 per team per session
1. Follow the link at and register yourself
2. Send your referral link to your group of friends and you might win a $50 bar tab!
3. Show up for the first session ready to bowl!
Due to limited spots, we are asking participants to pay the first week fee (warm up session) in advance so that we can properly organize the league.

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