Pants that are too wide make you look even smaller. “

Pants that are too wide make you look even smaller. “

Pants that are too wide make you look even smaller." Staging curves correctly: fashion for the chubby – this is how you hide problem areas Fashion tips for partying: Dirndl and lederhosen – what is taboo at Oktoberfest? Check Before Buying: How To Know The Quality Of Clothes

When buying a suit, you are on the safe side if you pay attention to moderate, classic lines – and high-quality materials. Then the chances are good that you can wear the pantsuit for more than just one season. "This is also in line with the trend for more sustainability and a conscious use of raw materials" thinks Starlay.

The textile discounter Zeeman is recalling various types of lingerie. As the company reports, controls found that the content of prohibited dyes was too high.

Reported this recall first "" and "". The items affected by the recall were sold between April 2017 and August 2017.

The following articles are affected by the recall

Product: BH Article numbers: A.28055 / A.28057

Product: Hipster (underpants) Item number: A.28058

Product: Women’s nightgown Item number: A.28059

During controls, an excessively high content of prohibited dyes was found in this underwear for women. (Source:

Warning: Do not put on your laundry anymore

Customers should no longer wear items they have already purchased. If you have bought the linen, you can return the items to any Zeeman store – you will be refunded the purchase price. The cheap textile chain has around 1200 branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

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Customer service of the manufacturer

For more information, please contact

A well-groomed beard on a man’s face can be a real eye-catcher. But what the beards displayed at this year’s World Beard Championships in Austin, Texas, is more than handsome facial hair – it is much more about small works of art. 

World Beard Championship 2017 – the beard highlights
Photo series with 11 pictures

Over 700 bearded people demonstrated a sense of creativity at their world championships in Austin, Texas over the weekend. Whether angular, playful or oversized – most categories are about getting noticed. There are a total of six categories by "Dali beard" over "Hungarian beard" up to " Freestyle beard" pass.

According to experts, the extremely coiffed facial hair is reserved for the participants of such special events.

Beard creations for real fashion fans

"Beards are all the rage, as you can see in the many barber shops that are now there" said the artistic director of the fashion team of the Central Association of the German Hairdressing Trade Antonio Weinitschke of the dpa. But elaborate beard creations, as they were seen at the World Cup in Texas, are reserved for fashion enthusiasts and artists such as Salvadore Dali in the past.

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It didn’t always have to be extravagant at the said world championships in the USA: The German Wolfgang Schneider from Baden-Württemberg came out on top in the category "Natural mustache" with a classically coiffed schnauzer against the international competition.

As cute as costumes for dogs may look at Mardi Gras – you’re doing your four-legged friend a disservice. But dressing up is not the only factor that causes stress for your dog in the hustle and bustle of the fifth season.

The most popular carnival costumes
Photo series with 10 pictures

Costumes for dogs: that speaks against it

Even though costumes for dogs are incredibly popular again this carnival season, this trend is not recommended. Many of the costumes made especially for animal friends are especially unsuitable for long-term wear. Remember that your dog always has his own personal clothing with him: his fur. Carnival costumes not only mean unnecessary warmth, but also restrict dogs’ freedom of movement.

The German Animal Welfare Association also points out that costumes make communication with other dogs more difficult, for example if the ears or the tail are covered with a disguise. Dog disguises can even become dangerous if the animals get tangled or strangled in excessively long cords.

Carnival parade: No fun for pets

But it is not only advisable to wear carnival costumes for dogs during the carnival season: Carnival means pure stress for your four-legged friend because of the high noise level. Noisy jokes, moving vans with loud music and falling camels may mean fun for you, but your dog has much sharper senses that run at full speed in the hustle and bustle – and quickly exceed the limit of their stress. The unfamiliar costumes and the behavior of the partying can also frighten your pet, to which some animals react aggressively. The risk of injury in large crowds is also high, and broken glass or bangers lying around are also a source of danger.

Therefore, do not take your four-legged friend with you to the carnival parade or a carnival session. If you live near the foolish hustle and bustle, the animal welfare organization Vier Pfoten advises you to bring the dog to a quiet room, to make sure that the animal is not alone and to keep the windows closed.

A compromise: Carnival at home

If you are planning a carnival party at home, make sure that it is not too loud and that your dog always has the opportunity to withdraw. If the Mardi Gras party is to be a big break, it is better to move your pet out completely. There is nothing wrong with a small, cozy sit-in, even with a dog.

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If you can’t quite give up giving your fur snout a carnival-like outfit, don’t choose elaborate costumes for dogs, but rather focus on subtle details. A funny little bow on the collar as a disguise is absolutely sufficient for your four-legged friend and also compatible with your own conscience. A collar in the right color for the master’s costume or a colorful triangular scarf around the neck is also possible.

In Munich you do it, of course, in Stuttgart now and even in the Pott or in Berlin: people dance in dirndls and lederhosen at Oktoberfest and similar festivals. What’s in fashion right now? What is taboo And do I have to slip into traditional costumes as a tourist?

184. Wiesn – These innovations await visitors at the Oktoberfest

184. Oktoberfest
These innovations await visitors at the Oktoberfest

The 184th Oktoberfest opens on September 16. The Oktoberfest lasts longer than usual, namely 2 weeks and 2 days until Tuesday, October 3rd. Video

Which fashion trends can be expected for the Oktoberfest 2017?

Heidi, Liesl, Fritzi, Marie & Co. – The trend towards the traditional can already be seen in the name of the dirndl, reports purchasing consultant Sonja Grau from Ulm. Classic cuts and patterns are in vogue, and dirndls currently advertised often have muted colors to match. Also typical of tradition: It’s about high quality workmanship, says Grau.

The same applies to men: For several years now, traditional side pieces and variants have been hyped more and more. But: The range of dirndls and lederhosen in retail is so large that ultimately no clear style should prevail at the Oktoberfest.

Munich – Sexy housekeepers make the Oktoberfest unsafe

Sexy housekeepers make the Oktoberfest unsafe

Every year there is a huge amount of rubbish on the Wisen – and they have to go. Video

Are there wearing recommendations for the seasonal trends?

"The prevailing traditional costume trend harbors the risk of appearing old-fashioned, staid or stuffy very quickly" explains Grau. She recommends counteracting this with accessories: flowers, gemstones and ribbons for your hair and your hat on your head. Nevertheless, these are also more traditional accessories.

This is also the trend for men: "A particularly nice charivari or even a satchel belt" recommends gray.

Does the traditional costume have to be at the Oktoberfest?

No, there is no dress code. Particularly: "Before the 2000s, hardly anyone went to Oktoberfest in dirndls and lederhosen" reports the cultural scientist Simone Egger from the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt. While in the 50s and 60s people even visited the Oktoberfest in suits and costumes, the casual look with jeans was later the trend.

The traditional costume hype initially arose in the niche: Second-hand shops in Munich sold old dirndls and lederhosen and accessories. Munich residents did not take the entire outfits, but individual parts and thus spiced up their everyday look for the festival visit. And then a cycle began: more and more copied the look, expanded it, and the first local designers made modern clothes with traditional borrowings. Ultimately, it became a mass market that even appeals to tourists.

Fashion trends at Oktoberfest 2017
Photo series with 3 pictures

As a tourist, am I allowed to wear traditional costume?

There is an answer for all female tourists who ever hear the accusation that they are not allowed to do that: In the past, only newcomers wore dirndls, reveals cultural scientist Egger. Here’s a little bit of knowledge for small talk in the marquee: The term stands for a local historical garment that is handmade. And there are traditional costumes all over the world – but dirndls and lederhosen are not necessarily one of them. The latter was a classic working and hunting clothing, and the loden jacket was the usual jacket.

"The dirndl, on the other hand, is even an invention of the late 19th century for women from big cities like Berlin, Hamburg and even London who went on vacation in the country in the summer" explains Egger. The cotton dress with a bodice in a check and floral pattern is reminiscent of historical costumes, but has always been more of a beautiful idea of ​​fashion.

Which styling rules should I follow better?

"In principle, no dirndl is more real or better than the other" stresses cultural scientist Egger. The dirndl only consists of a basic cut, a bodice and a stringed skirt. "This cut can be varied infinitely, also in length." Also, you shouldn’t be confused by apparent style specifications for the dress: It is often said that the hem belongs to a mug wide across the floor. "The story of the mug and the length is just as beautiful an invention as the one with the ribbons – absolutely fantastic" says Egger.

This is how to tie the bow properly

But even if it is not a real tradition, it is always good to know about the bow question when flirting: the direction of the apron bow on the dirndl is a common signal for the relationship status at the Oktoberfest.